Sunday, December 18, 2005

Yet another FO.

This is from the latest issue of Crochet! It turned out rather bigger than it was supposed to. I knew it'd be different when I started out, because I had to use a C hook instead of a B (I've no idea where my B hook is right now) & I'm pretty sure the beads are different too. I had to buy cheap ones.

The directions are a bit confusing, but once I figured them out it all moved very fast.

The reason, now that I've distracted myself, that it is so much bigger than I'd intended is that I neglected to account for the weight of the beads stretching the elastic. I made it big enough to encircle my wrist without stretching, but it stretches because of the beads. So I could have done with it being a good two repeats smaller, from the look of things.

I think I'll use the same technique in the future but using thread or hemp cord or something, anythingthat doesn't stretch.

And in the meantime, I'm thinking about making the girls bracelets from this pattern. And I'm fantasizing about other ways to utilize elastic thread in crocheting. And I'm still working on the ruffle for my denim skirt. That's my Christmas present this year, taking time to make some stuff for myself for once.

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