Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh, enough with the scarves already!

I don't remember what my first crochet project was. I was 11 when I learned how to crochet, and I did so only sporadically for the longest time. Knowing me, it was something for one of my Barbie dolls (I used to make them clothing out of plastic bags, even).

But I do know it wasn't a scarf.

What is it with scarves, anyway? Yes, they're incredibly simple. Which I suppose is it. But it seems as if there are a lot of people out there who pick up crocheting (and knitting) only to the extent that they are able to make scarves. C'mon, have some faith in yourself! Do something that requires a little effort. Gah, my own mother cannot make head nor tails of 99% of the patterns out there, but even she can make afghans!

I've got a story for you. I was talking about crochet with my mother-in-law the last time we were home. Crochet was real big in the seventies. She taught this one lady how to crochet...Know what the gal's first project was? Not a scarf! Her first project was a pantsuit. That she designed herself. Now, that takes cojones!

I was browsing the yarn in Ben Franklin Crafts the other day and happened to overhear the conversation between two women. OK, it was more of a monologue. "You can take this yarn, and this yarn, and you can make a scarf. Or you could use this yarn, and make a scarf. You can make a lot of scarves."

Well, yes, you can. But who in her right mind wears a scarf in Hawaii? Brr, it's dipping down below eighty degrees at night, you better break out the scarves, Tutu. Sigh.

You want something easy? Buy this book: Fancy Hawaiian Lei in Crochet. Very few of the patterns require anything more complicated than single crochet and chain stitches. You learn crochet wit local kine patterns! (I love this book. Haven't had the opportunity to make anything from it yet, since I'm still working on Christmas gifts, but I leaf through it every night before bed and sigh happily.)

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