Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm now certifiable.

So Sunday I was fighting to reclaim Esther's receiving blanket from the older two girls. This is an ongoing struggle. They want the blankets for their "babies"; I want the blankets for my baby.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. I would make minature afghans for the girls for their babies.

Good idea, right? Right. And then I had to go complicate matters. Not only would I make them miniature afghans, I would use an actual pattern of some sort for the afghans instead of just a quick and dirty DC square. What's more, I would make these afghans for them in time for Christmas.

Yeah, I'm nuts.

Monday morning I dug up a couple of books I have with afghan patterns (usually too time-consuming for me) and started experimenting to see what I could modify easily. I have a copy of Mile-A-Minute Contest Favorites Afghans (don't recall the exact title, but that's got all the words in some order), and I knew what size I wanted to make it and what hook I wanted to use, and I wasted about 90 minutes trying to find a pattern that would go quickly. And I finally wound up pretty much coming up with my own design, just DCs around in a long oval in 3 colors. I just finished it.

I was joining the strips as I went, and it wasn't until I finished with the very last strip that I realized...I put it on backwards. Oy. Usually, I'd let this bother me, but I've got 3 days to adapt another pattern and finish the other mini-afghan, so I'm going to make like a cat & swear up & down that I meant to do it that way. Because of course I did.

Anyway, I do like the way it turned out, in spite of the backwards strip. The colors just work. All Caron Simply Soft. I adore that yarn. And the colors go well together. I'm pretty sure Linda will adore it.

Now, off to do something insane like look up patterns online. See, if I was sane I'd be going to sleep right now. But Esther's asleep and I finally have an excuse to not be crocheting, so I'm going to look at stuff online. Crochet stuff. 'Cause I'm funny like that.

Oh, & I've decided Cerberus will be a poodle.

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