Saturday, December 03, 2005

I would give you the sun, the moon, and the stars...

One guess which of these was easiest.

The sun is just a simple circle. It took almost no time at all.

The star was pretty hard. It's not simple to come up with something that looks more like a star than a pentagon. I wound up stacking slip stitches on top of each other, and the increases at the "points" are Hdc, Tr, Hdc. The filler stitches are Hdcs.

The moon was pretty simple once I figured out how to do it. It's just figuring out how that was the problem. For a half-circle, you increase just like you do for a circle, but in rows instead of rounds. It will sort of fall into the proper shape. But I needed something more exaggerated. I started out trying to crochet it in rows from tip to tip, but doing it sideways turned out to be easier. At either end I put 3 sts in the previous st (I was doing 1 row Sc then one Hdc), and in the center I increased evenly as if I was making a half-circle. Once it attained the shape I wanted, I worked even for two rows.

The colors in the photo are a tiny bit off; the sun actually has green around it instead of the blue it looks like.

They've all got big chain stitch loops encircling them so they'll be easy to hold. Of course, Esther will be not quite two months old by the time Christmas rolls around, so it'll really be a while til she can play with them at all. She's still in the looking at stuff stage. I just might tie them to the mobile in her swing so she can be entertained that way.

I'm just about done with Christmas stuff; I just need to make Cabbage Patch Kid clothes now.

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