Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Well, then.

So, I made this really cute dress for Esther before she was born:
Adorable, isn't it? I based it off a pattern in this book. Took a lot of care to make sure it matched the measurements and everything. I wanted my new baby, should my new baby be a girl, to be able to wear it. I had a brief fantasy of having a group portrait made of the girls, with Bobbie and Linda in their big sister outfits, and the new munchkin in this.

And then, I had Esther. Wonderful, adorable, cuter-than-cute Esther. Eight pound, 0.1 oz Esther. Twenty-point-five inches long Esther. A full two pounds heavier and almost an inch longer than my previous biggest baby.

And this is the end result of that:
This was actually taken today, so it's worse than when I first tried it on her about a week ago. Between her being big to begin with and me misplacing the blasted dress, if there was ever a window for her to wear it, it closed before she could wear it.

I had to sew snap tape on the crotch to finish it up. I wanted to take it to the hospital with me so I could do that right after she was born, but I couldn't find the blasted thing. Well, when I finally located both snap tape & dress at the same time, I finished it up and put it on my daughter, so happy she'd get to wear it.

And it wouldn't snap. It's big enough around, but it's not close to being long enough. Dammit.

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