Thursday, September 01, 2005

I am worn out.

Just...aarrgh! Perhaps having Fox News wake me up in the mornings isn't my best idea. All the hurricane coverage is wearying. I cannot believe how this has brought out the worst in some people. I'd not be able to live with myself if I was acting the way some of these folks are. Just because the city is flooded doesn't mean you're to help yourself to whatever you can grab!

I have put aside crocheting things for myself & my baby right now. The Beginner Baby Set I posted at Crochetville is about to become my first big charity project. There are 31 at-term pregnant women from Keesler AFB in Mississippi being housed in guest quarters at Lackland AFB in San Antonio. I had my mother call over there today to try to get an address I can send stuff too. The Public Affairs office said they'd welcome whatever could be sent. I don't have an address yet because the volunteer office is handling that, & they closed at 3PM Central (I called my mother about 11:30 HST, which is an hour and a half too late). But I should have an address within the next couple of days, and I will post it here. I know a lot of people cannot really afford to give money, but a lot of us can crochet things, and just about all of us can go through our closets. I've got three boxes set up; I'm sending stuff to two specific families and I've got a box to send to Lackland as well. We went to the thrift store this evening and spent an hour or two in there. Managed to get some very nice baby things for 99-cents apiece. That's going in the Lackland box. I'd like to send some stuff for the mamas too, but I'm not sure what. I'd like to be able to give 31 copies of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I'm funny that way.

I'm just tired out, though, from all the running and doing stuff we've been doing. I haven't sat down & read the papers today, and I've been buying stuff and crocheting stuff instead of killing time online, so I've not much relaxed. But I'm going to take my newspapers upstairs to lay down with my husband and read. And after I relax I'll go back to crocheting. I feel really glad I've found something I can do.

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