Sunday, September 11, 2005

Second zombie dolly.

I finished Linda's today. She loves it, & has been carrying it around pretty much since I gave it to her. Not to mention she started demanding it long before I finished. I guess eventually I'll have to make them normal-looking toys, LOL.
Despite how it looks in the picture, the legs are actually the same length. I think it's because of how the skirt is hanging that they look off. I did a few things different with this one, obviously. The color scheme is different, of course. The hair is styled. The facial embroidery is a bit different. The sleeves are different, and of course so is the skirt. I should have taken another picture of it standing up so you could see the skirt better, but oh well. It's sort of an evening gown, thus the updo. ;-)

1 comment:

ladylinoleum said...

Girlie, this is fabulous really! OMG, love it.

Normal schmormal. Your toys are much better than anything "normal". Wonderful!

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