Friday, September 23, 2005

Fish Bug

So Bobbie announced yesterday that she wanted a fish bug. We had been to the Commissary earlier in the day, & of course every time we go there she has to look at the tank with the live crabs & lobsters. I can only assume that, when she said "fish bug," in reality she meant lobster. (Crabs she knows. Lobsters not so much so.)

But at any rate, it gave me an idea, so I decided to make her a fish bug:
It looks vaguely butterfly-ish, but that wasn't on purpose, though from now on I will swear it was. It went together quite quickly and easily, being just BLO sc in the head/body. No eyes, because I just wasn't in the mood to embroider tonight. It really took maybe an hour or two, total. I'll give it to Bobbie tomorrow after I make another one for Linda.

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