Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Finished Fairy Dolls

OK, they can't rightly be called fairy dolls, as I don't like either well enough to actually use the wire wing forms Rob made. So they're wingless, and fairies should have wings. But still, they're cute enough for the girls:

The one on the left, the purple one, is the first I made. I used the same techniques as for the zombie dolls, but with a different multiple, & of course these have figures too. No idea what yarn, even what weight, I used for the body. The hair is a varigated worsted weight, but no clue what brand. I used up some of the mystery yarn in my stash on these things! The skirt is Jamie baby fingering weight yarn. That was simple enough. Started out at the wide end and made a triangle by decreasing on one side only, then crocheted a simple lattice stitch edging around two of the sides.

The green one...Weird that I'm less happy with the second attempt. In theory, number two should be to refine techniques, but I just don't like the changes I made. Well, I like some of them. I like the torso much more, and the hair is great even though it was a total pain to do & I'm certain I made it more difficult than necessary. But I don't like the bottom of the torso where I made the legs, I'm not too happy with the legs themselves, and the seam where the arms are sewn to the torso looks odd & I think it's because of the arms themselves. What's neat about it is I used a pompadour yarn for the body, so it's kind of shiny, and I still am enamoured of the yellow-green yarn I used for the hair.

Now, the skirt on that one was a trip to make. It's a floral trellis stitch. Forget the name of the book offhand; it's one of those collections of stitch patterns. It has both written directions & a chart, and all I can say is thank God for that chart, because the directions make zero sense after the first row. They seriously do not match the chart or what obviously needs to be done. It's a very pretty pattern, but it's a pain in the rear to do for other reasons, so I don't see myself utilizing it too often. But it worked for a fairy.

I'm keeping these back from the kidlets until the new baby is here, or until I am in labor at least. Something to distract them and make them feel special, I hope. Of course, this means I have to hide them until then! They've both been trying to steal them as I was making them.


ladylinoleum said...

Hey girlie I love these! Seriously I think the second one is as well-executed as the first. Love, love, love the green hair. OMG, just great.

Wendy said...

Love your the dolls!