Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is what it looked like outside today:
That is my car. Note the icicles.

It got up to a whopping 32 degrees yesterday, but was below that much of the day. Unfortunately, we lack central heat. So, even though we had heaters going yesterday, it got to where my eldest was complaining about having cold hands.

Obvious answer?


I used this pattern from Bev's Country Cottage:
Bev's Hat-Mitt combo.

It's a great pattern. It's all single crochets & slip stitches, and it works up quite fast. I did have to lengthen it some for Bobbie's mittens & use 11 rows instead of the suggested 10 for Linda's mittens, but other than that, the construction is just great. It is so simple & works up quite fast, probably about a 1 or 2 hour project for someone without small children climbing all over her.

Oh, for Esther's I used a G hook instead of the H hook, but other than that made it exactly according to pattern. She seems to quite like hers. She spent some time staring at them and clapping her hands, and even tried to put one of them on her foot instead of her hand.


Carolynn said...

Wow, those are so cute! I love the pics of your girls. :)

Lea said...

Those are very cute... I guess by the weather you'll be using htem for awhile too! Stay warm!