Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm working on it.

I've gotten several PMs over at C'ville asking for photos for my Beginner Baby Set. I'm working on getting all my patterns up on one webpage where they & their photos will stay more or less permanently (at least, I've no intention of taking them down!). I will devote much of my Sunday to that & will make a post both here & there when I finally finish.

I have more patterns than I realized! I did a search for threads I'd started at C'ville & was quite suprised to discover I've a total of 14 patterns (not 14 threads on it, though, I sometimes grouped 2 or 3 patterns in a thread).

It also brought home to me how desperately I need to write a new pattern! I haven't written anything in a very long time.

I am working again, though, so my crocheting time is once again severely curtailed. I do data entry at work and spend my breaks pumping milk for Miss Esther, so I don't have time to crochet there.

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Pam said...

Cool cool cool!!! Good for you!!! Keep going, everyone loves baby outfits!! -Pam