Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Linda

One of Miss Linda's 3rd birthday presents is this outfit for her baby doll.

The doll itself was a Christmas gift, & a really great find for about $10 at Wal-Mart. No bottles (my pet peeve), and pretty lifelike aside from the white cloth body (and why can't they make the cloth body the same color as the limbs?). Anyhoo, it's a nice doll for the price.

I stayed up until about a quarter past one in the morning finishing this up. The dress is based off of Crotiques' Baby Girl Sleeper Set. I have made a few dresses from this pattern, but never actually made the pattern as written.

The yarn I used came out of my stash. I bought it years & years ago in Virginia because it's such a pretty color, but it's too rough for me to have used as clothes for an actual baby, but of course that's not as much of an issue with doll clothes. I have no idea as to the brand or weight (though it seems to be a light worsted weight), as I lost the label years ago. I used it to make one of my Christmas ornaments & fell in love with it again, so I wanted to use it for something.

Linda adores her doll's rainbow dress, and now I'm itching for more of this yarn to make other doll clothes. I am that insane, yes.

There will be more pictures tomorrow from Linda's gifts. I gave her just this when she woke up this morning because it will probably be pretty late when Rob gets off work tonight; she'll get the rest of her gifts then, two of which are crocheted.

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