Monday, November 21, 2005

Finished Smoochie's poncho.

I'm sure this is gonna look strange, since I'm using hubby's computer right now & his color is messed up to my eyes. I adjusted the photo on this comp too, so I'm sure it'll look off when I check it on my own tomorrow. Ah well. I just finished Bobbie's poncho & wanted to post a photo before I head off to bed.
Please pardon my model; Annabel has had a hard life & is 40 years or so old. That, and one daughter or the other decided to color on her a little while ago, & I haven't had the opportunity to clean her up yet.

I love the colors on this yarn; the photo really doesn't do it justice. The red-looking yarn is actually mainly pink. Like my previous post said, it's Red Heart Bright & Lofty. The specific colors are bikini (the pink) & beach (the blue). Bikini has threads of blue, orange, tan, yellow, etc woven through it. I'm not sure what all, to be honest. Beach is much calmer; thus far it seems to be only blues and greens. I still have the ends to deal with; I'm just not in the mood to do it tonight.

Linda's poncho will be done in a reverse color scheme; with the pink as the flowers' centers & the blue for the petals. I'm also going to do the shaping in a different way (as is typical for me, I abandoned the pattern fairly early on).

I'm convinced this will look better on the child for whom it is intended. But of course even with a 3.5 year old you can't have her modeling her own Christmas present. I did fit it on her a couple of times, but it's disappearing before she realizes it's complete & demands it now.

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