Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Blog/Site in the Links

My Recycled

Wanna guess what it is? Bags of all type, crocheted from recycled materials. The front page right now has a VHS tape/ribbon yarn tote bag, plastic bag pot scrubbers, a granny square tote again out of plastic bags, & a recycled plastic grocery tote bag.

There are also tutorials (like on how to use VHS tape for yarn) and patterns--for the aforementioned grocery tote bag, for starters. Many of the projects are also for sale.

You can't go wrong with DIY recycling. (OK, ok, you can, but there's no fire involved in this, at least.)


Cindy said...

Thank you so much for featuring my website and my patterns. I love to share the wonderful craft of recycling with everyone. All my patterns are free and I hope to inspire everyone out there to try a recycled idea!

BellaLinda said...

You've got two of my favorite thngs--crochet and recycling. I'm going to have to try out some of your projects with the vast amount of plastic bags I've obtained from my local grocery store.