Thursday, June 21, 2007

A couple of my work projects:

The jacket is from this pattern, from Bev's Country Cottage. You really can't beat Bev's patterns for instant gratification and newbie-friendliness. (I have a shirt from one of her patterns as well, just not with me to photograph at the moment.)

The dress uses the same neckline-shaping technique as the sweater (and a handful of other patterns). It is my own pattern, though. I'll put it up on my site shortly, as soon as I figure out the button issue. I'm calling it the Fiesta baby dress, as it reminds me strongly of the Mexican dresses for sale hereabouts.

Since it's sized for a newborn, the ruffle on the front does not go completely around. There's no ruffle on the back, in other words. It has always struck me that ruffles on the back cannot be comfortable for newborns to lay on. It will need a flat button for the same reason (comfort).

I have made both of these this week. In the past two days, in fact. I probably won't have this temp job for very long, but man it's good for my crocheting.


Mistress Valentine said...

I would love to have a pattern of that dress.. its so pretty and my goddaughter would love it

Ariane said...

Um olá do Brasil! Vim conhecer seu blog e convidá-la para conhecer o meu. Também faço roupinhas para bebês. Um abraço!


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