Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think I'm finished.

With Linda Margaret's Easter skirt, that is. I put four rounds of the lace ruffle on the bottom, but I need to try it on her to be 100% sure it's long enough. I am proud of the way it turned out, though. Not bad for three days' work:
Cute, huh? So simple, too. The waistband is chainless single crochet (which I have also seen called "double chain"), then it is simple double crochet down to where the lace starts. I did put in an increase round, as you can tell, and then the first lace round is also an increase.

I think the pattern for the lace is called "flying shells." It's from the 300 Crochet Stitches book.

Bobbie's will be much the same, but tailored to her. She is taller than her sister, and thinner, but I will use the same construction techniques. I will, however, use a different lace pattern at the bottom. I don't want them to be matching.


Pam said...

Cute!!! Great Job!!!

MARY said...

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