Thursday, March 16, 2006

My poor daughters...

I am seriously considering making these for Easter:
They're strangely cute. I don't know why these dresses appeal to me. I guess it's the tacky crocheter in me. Or maybe that they don't look like the sort of thing I usually make on my own (I tend towards stuff that's much plainer).

The first one is out of the latest issue of Hooked on Crochet, the other from the latest Crochet World (the one I liked a lot more than everyone else at Crochetville). I really want to make them, but I honestly don't think I'll have the time.

I am thinking, sales-wise, I am going to seriously start concentrating on halter tops. I have now a commission for a custom version of the Berry Halter shown a couple of entries ago. Lady liked it, but it's just a bit too small for her daughter, so I'll be making it to order, bar her changing her mind. And I doubt she will. Because of course, my taste is so poor that no one likes what I do. Except, you know, the people who want to buy the halter tops.

Halter tops. Who'd have thought they'd be popular? (OK, two isn't like overwhelmingly popular or anything, but when that's what sells...) Well, obviously, I had an inkling, but still...I really need to get the pattern written up and see about submitting it. Or selling it. Whichever.

I'm working on a poncho right now. Oddly, the simplest version, the two rectangles sewn together, baffles me when it comes time to sew up the second seam. I got it figured out, though not before convincing myself I'm an idiot when it comes to ponchos. (Ah well, at least I can spell it.) It's hot pink. I'll be trimming it in black and then sewing on some flowers made in several different colors. If it doesn't sell, it can be a nice wrap for one of the girls when we're somewhere it's chilly (it's often chilly indoors). I'm also working on a very basic shrug for Esther, something I can keep rolled up in my purse for use again in those cold buildings. Both projects, though, are gonna be shelved until I get the custom order done. Paying customers come first, of course. If the Esther shrug turns out well enough, I'll post the pattern over at C'ville. An infant-sized shrug isn't anything I've seen before, though of course I doubt I'm the only person to think of it.

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