Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oh for crying out loud...(Crochetville rant)

There are three fora on's message board set aside for original patterns. Now, perhaps I am naіve, but I think that if you can write a crochet pattern, chances are you can read. And this means that you should read. This is not confusing. I showed the first two of these fora to my husband a couple of weeks ago. Mind you, he does not go to message boards. He doesn't really grasp the concept. And yet, he understood the difference in the first two fora.

To wit:

Original Patterns

Complete original patterns (most with photos) by some of Crochetville's fabulous designers.
Original Patterns-- Links
If you have an original pattern posted elsewhere (your web site, blog, etc.) please share the link with us here.

This is not confusing. Let me spell it out for anyone really dense: LINKS GO IN THE SECOND FORUM, DAMMIT. I do not want to go into Original Patterns and read "Just click the image for the pattern." That is a link, dammit! Put it in the Links forum. Really, why isn't this obvious to some people? Read the damned forum description before you post. If the "complete original patterns" thing confuses you, "if you have an original pattern posted elsewhere" should make it obvious.

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