Wednesday, April 11, 2007

See this?

This is my acceptance letter into nursing school.

I'd be prouder if they didn't accept everyone who passes their entrance exam.

But it still feels good.

There's no way in heck I'm going to have everything in by Friday, so I'm shooting for the August class start instead of the May start.

Y'all know what this means, don't you?

Crocheted microbes.


crochet is everything else said...

Congratulations on your acceptance into nursing school. As a nursing instructor and a member of our school's admissions committee, I can tell you they don't accept nearly everyone who passes the entrance exam. Usually this along with GPA and other criteria are the minimum requirements. The best students are selected from among those. I made projects for everyone of the classes in both of my master's programs, so I believe a little crochet is essential for effective studying. Hope you do well!

Byron said...

Congratulations! There's not but one way your school would be accepting everyone who passed the entrance exams. That's a lack of applicants.

I applied to three nursing schools during a time when there was a glut of applicants. Two BSN programs and one ADN program (which program had already totally ticked me off). Naturally, I was accepted at every school except my first choice which placed me on their reserve list.
I was the fifth person chosen for acceptance from the reserve list. My GPA and SAT scores were not just higher than picks one through scores were substantially higher than those of the first chosen.
I think they might use dice, auguries, or some such.