Tuesday, May 02, 2006

There's nothing cuter...

Than something for a baby made out of granny squares:
Not that that's the greatest picture in the world, but there's the dress I just finished. The bodice is six one-color granny squares, and even that was almost enough ends-needing-weaving for me to go insane. The skirt is granny stitch. Overall, a very easy piece, simple construction.

The particulars: Size H hook for the bodice, size J hook for the skirt, except the ruffle which again used an H, and the trim at the top used a 4.5mm.

OK, that photo is driving me nuts, so here's a close-up of the bodice (have I mentioned how much I love my digital camera & the card reader built in to my computer?):
There, much better. You can actually see the granny squares now.

I used, as usual, Caron's Simply Soft worsted weight yarn. All told, this is about a size 6 months, being that it fits Esther.

It's not actually for Esther, though. I'm going to be at a craft fair on Hickam AFB this Saturday, and this is one of the things I'm taking as merchandise. Hopefully I'll be able to make back the $65 cost of the table. Er, well, not the table. The table's not included. The $65 for the strip of grass, I suppose would be more accurate. I suppose they had to ship the lawn in from the Mainland, or something. As the locals say, auwē! My husband signed me up for it yesterday, so I guess the cost doesn't seem too much to him. I about died when he told me, though.

Oh well, off to crochet scrunchies...

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ladylinoleum said...

Much luck at the craft fair girl! May you sell mucho scrunchies.